Monday, January 30, 2017

Situational Awareness

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Finally the day has arrived where I finally begin my once a month blog spots under the new banner. The new banner is only new in the sense that it is replacing the old title of Friday Knight News. I will still cover martial arts and training in my spots but I will also use this blog as an announcement board for events and adventures that I am seeking or doing.

To start off, Mushin University™ Self-Knowledge the Ultimate Knowledge first appeared in my book, "Enlightenment Kicking and Screaming (The Paradox of Martial Art Training)". I was very happy to receive three great forwards for this book from Kay Frances Brewer, Adam Chan, and Steve Smith. All great people who are well known for their character, skills, and obvious kindness. I do greatly appreciate their encouraging words. Today, I am going to outline what it is that I would like to accomplish with this new turn of events on this blog. I am planning on doing some YouTube post and also video post to my Rand Law Patreon page. The topics will vary from mental and physical aspects of the art. Most of which will focus on self-training practices and a diverse assortment of requests that students and other martial artist have requested for me to do.

Of course, I want to address the importance of incorporating the martial arts into your daily life both in and outside of the dojo, dojang, kwoon, or gym. My most recent little adventure was an eye opener for me. It didn't require any self-defense skills per say other than what is gained from paying attention. I had dropped off my mother-in-law at the chiropractor's office and a distraught individual came in begging for help in the way of getting a ride. No one was willing to oblige but I volunteered to do so after my mother-in-law's appointment was finished. After hearing the plea, my mother-in-law told me it was alright for me to go now and that I could pick her up when I was finished. I think she and the other people wanted the individual out of the office.

When I returned, several people asked about how things went and some had expressed concern for my safety. This was a big shock to me as I had gone in the course of a few short years from being called by my son's high school and college aged acquaintances as the "scary dude", to an old guy. An old guy that people were worried about my welfare for helping out a stranger. Alright, I will admit the individual was less than half my age and was dressed in a rough just out of prison sort of way. But what got me was no one noticed that the desperate person was a little gal just dressed in men's clothing. It made me realize that people who couldn't spot this were not likely to spot if a person was armed or not. Even if they had taken martial art classes, or a gun self-defense course their lack of situational awareness would void their training.

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